This page describes information about developing MikuMikuMoving.

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Read me

If you have any request, please contact me.
But I'm afraid, please note that your request is not always implemented.

Reporting bugs

If you find some bugs, please report to the following mail-address.
If an exception occurs, please attach the log.
And please describe the conditions (specific model, motion, timing)


 13 Oct 2014
 22 Feb 2014
 16 Feb 2014
 09 Feb 2014
 01 Feb 2014
 26 Jan 2014
 28 Sep 2013

 13 Oct 2014
 22 Feb 2014

Modified effects for MikuMikuMoving
 03 May 2013
 27 Apr 2012 SvDOF2 DOWNLOAD
 06 Jul 2012
 TrueCamera DOWNLOAD
 06 Jul 2012 MotionBlur DOWNLOAD
 01 May 2012
 27 Apr 2012 WorkingFloorX
 05 Jul 2012 WorkingFloor2 DOWNLOAD
 27 Apr 2012 MirrorWater DOWNLOAD
 28 Apr 2012
 28 Apr 2012 MultiMonitor DOWNLOAD
 28 Apr 2012 Sakura DOWNLOAD
 27 Apr 2012 Balloon DOWNLOAD
 01 May 2012
 DigitalRipple DOWNLOAD
 03 May 2013 AdultShader DOWNLOAD
 03 May 2013 SeriousShader DOWNLOAD
 03 May 2013 Brushed Shader
 03 May 2013 Mechanic Shader v2.0
 08 Jul 2012 FukaFuka Grassland

Major defects
    • None

About Plugin

Plugin specifications will be changed.
Please note when you develop a plugin.

Current status
    • Complete:Loading PMD, Input/Output VMD and VPD, Basic editing motions, Output AVI
    • Complete:Physics
    • Complete:PMX
    • Complete:Self shadowing
    • Complete:Lipsync from VSQX file
    • Complete:Caption
    • Progress:Plugin
    • Almost Complete:MME compatible
    • Almost Complete:Kinect
(*) "Complete" status is implemented function. But there will be some bugs.

    • Multi-track motion
    • Multi-track camera motion
    • Multi Audio track
    • Moving keyframes with mouse dragging
    • Visualization of morphs
    • Morph interpolation curve
    • Improve bone manupilation (ex. rotate bone with dragging end of bone)
    • Changing number of keyframe per one sec
    • Timeline bookmark
    • Physics on/off and edge width with keyframe
    • Palette function in Interpolation curve
    • Rotate camera
    • Plugin
    • Auto backup
    • Original motion file MVD
    • Multi-light
    • Caption

Furture Plans
    • None


When using SDEF on a model, the two bones must have parent-child relation.
If the two bones don't have the relation, its model is not deformed correctly.

And please note that invalid value C, R0, R1 also caused strange deformation.

I am developing MME compatible now.
Currently, some effects is supported. (mainly post-process effect)

The existing effects that is applied to model or draw a model are not supported.
You have to change the effect code.
Please refer MikuMikuMoving manual 16. Effect development.

There are some differences between MMD and MMM about Bullet Physics engine.
For example, version, parameters, implementations and etc.

Therefore, MMM rigid motions are difference from MMD.