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Face And Lips Manual

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Japanese manual is here
Face And Lips helps you to create MikuMikuDance facial motions.
You can visually edit eyes and mouse motions and easily lipsync.

 System requirements

Windows XP or later
.NET Framework 2.0 or 3.5
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Component
DirectX 9.0c (2010Feb or later)
Please install from the following links as necessary.

 Main Screen


 Getting Start

The following steps are the simple explanations about how to lipsync "aiueo" on MMD using Face And Lips.
At first, install MikuMikuDance you know.
And provide the following 2 files.
 - PMD/PMX model file
 - Sound file (Wave, MP3, etc)
Video file can be used.
Please see "Available Media file type" section.
 Step 1.
Load PMD/PMX model file.
This allows you to see the model and facial items the model has.
 Select "Open PMD file" on top toolbar.
Select the model file you want on open dialog, the model face and facial buttons are shown on Model Panel.
 Step 2.
Load Sound file.
This allows you to see sound waveform and play sound.
 Select "Open Wave File" on top toolbar.
Select the sound file and the waveform on Wave Panel.
 Step 3.
You are ready to make facial motion now.
Let's be as lipsync "a".
Please drag "a" button on Mid Menu and drop on a track.
"a" item is put on the track.
And put "i", "u", "e", "o" in the same way.
The facial motion "aiueo" is made.
Let's play to confirm the motion.
Select "Play" button on Mid Menu.
Then the music sounds and the model lipsync "aiueo".
Could you lipsync well?
 Step 4.
Save as VMD motion file.
Select "Export VMD" button.
Save as VMD motion file on the save dialog.
Launch MikuMikuDance and load the VMD file you saved.
Then, the model face move in the same way as Face And Lips.

 Put facial items

There are 3 ways to put facial item.
 1. Drag&Drop
Drag&Drop the facial button on Mid Menu.
 2. Select range
Select range on Wave Panel and click facial button on Mid Menu.
 3. HotKey
You can put "a", "i", "u", "e", "o" by pushing hot key.
"a", "i", "u", "e", "o" keys are assigned by default. These are able to be change in Option.
For details, please see "HotKey" section.

 Move facial items

Facial item can be moved by dragging.
And you can disable transforming and move, hold Alt key.

 Transform facial items


 Add/Remove point


 Split facial item


 Change facial item properties


 Change facial item on track


 Eyes motion


 Play motion


 Sequence Marker






 Available Media file type


 Change time line length


 Add/Remove track


 Change default facial item


 Create facial items from VSQ file


 Create facial items from VMD file


 Create facial items from Text


 Auto Backup