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About our club

Moggill Pony Club was formed in 1960 and was registered as a company in 1967, the same year that the present grounds were purchased. Moggill Pony Club is one of only four clubs in Queensland that actually owns its own grounds. Because of this fact, our members can use the grounds most of the year and they don’t have to worry about losing tenure to future development.

The club is affiliated with the Metropolitan Zone (Zone 1) of the Pony Club Association of Queensland. As an affiliate, we have undertaken to run our club and formal events under the rules of the PCAQ.

The club is open to membership for all ages provided members have their own horse or lease of a horse. Activities and events run throughout the year and are geared towards our younger members up to the age of 26yrs. Adults are invited to join in but are asked to keep in mind the amount of assistance required for each activity or event.

The club is located near the corner of Moggill Rd and Mt Crosby Rd, Pullenvale.


Moggill Pony Club

Our Objectives
  • To encourage young people to ride and learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding.
  • To provide instruction in riding and horsemanship and to instill in members the proper love and care of their animals.
  • To promote the highest ideals of horsemanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self discipline.

Why Pony Club?
The main aims of the Pony Club Association of Queensland are that affiliated pony clubs will:
  • teach their junior members to ride well and enjoy all kinds of sport connected with riding,
  • instill in them the proper care of their animals,
  • offer them the opportunity of being taught a higher standard of riding than they might otherwise get.
Pony clubs strive to make the young people of today enthusiastic and have them properly taught the many branches of horsemanship so that they will be the capable horsemen and women of tomorrow.

Our Activities
Moggill Pony Club members are encouraged to attend our rally days, that are held for most of the year. Our rally days and events cover all disciplines appropriate to developing riders - dressage, combined training (dressage and showjumping), one-day event (dressage, showjumping and cross country), gymkhana (presentation, rider class, showjumping and novelty), hunter trial (showjumping and cross country) and mounted games (team novelty events). The club grounds are also available to members, appropriately supervised, for impromptu riding and training activities.

Rally Days
The club has a policy of holding at least one full day rally from February to November, on the FOURTH Sunday of each month.
Rally days generally commence at 8.30am. Please check the newsletter for confirmation for each rally. A wide variety of activities are covered during a rally day. These include troop drill, flat work, dressage, lectures, show jumping, novelty events and cross country jumping. The canteen is open during rally days and is staffed by members on a roster basis. All members are required to provide four days of effort in canteen or other organised working activities, as part of the membership agreement

Official Events
Throughout the year clubs affiliated with PCAQ run different official and unofficial events, which any PCAQ members may compete at, provided they have attended at least 3 rally days in the past 12mths.

Ribbons and Awards
At the end of each year the Moggill Pony Club has a Presentation Night. Throughout the year members have been awarded points for their presentation and attendance at pony club rally days. Members with the highest presentation points from each age group are given an award and all members having attended five (5) or more rally days throughout the year are given a small gift.
Other trophies presented are achievement and encouragement awards, highest points for the different disciplines at outside events, horse and rider combination, “True Grit” award and other perpetual trophies. This is an enjoyable event and all members are encouraged to attend.

Anyone wishing to join the Moggill Pony Club must make an application on the appropriate forms. The membership numbers of the club are limited by the availability of qualified instructors, grounds capacity etc. The committee will consider these factors, and others, when considering membership applications.
All members must be financial in order to use the grounds for riding, since our insurance will not cover them otherwise.

Moggill Pony Club has three types of memberships, depending on availability:

Family Membership
Family membership is designed for the average pony club family – where the principal member is under 26 years. The family membership can include other siblings and parents – as social members or riding members. Family members under 26, other than social members, may attend rally days and outside events as set out in this handbook. Each family must also attend a set number of working bees during one calendar year as detailed in the application form.

Young Adult Membership
Young Adult membership is designed for those aged 18-26 who still wish to belong to a pony club, perhaps for outside events or just wishing to have the use of the club grounds. A fee discount is given to those riders that provide assistance/instruction at a minimum number of rally days.

Associate Membership
Associate membership is designed for those over 26 who still wish to belong to a pony club, perhaps for outside events or just wishing to have the use of the club grounds. Associate members may attend rally days as determined by the chief instructor. Associate members are not required to do working bees.
Associate memberships are limited in number that is determined by the committee from time to time.

Uniform Shop
The Moggill Pony Club saddle cloth is to be used at events. This and other items in the appropriate club colours is available from the Uniform Shop.
The Uniform Shop has second hand clothing as well as new uniform items. The exception is helmets which should never by bought or sold second-hand

Note: Horse riding is a hazardous pastime and all members must sign MPC and PCAQ indemnity forms limiting liability for any injury or damage suffered.
Members may also be subject to restrictions set down by the Department of Primary Industries when traveling to and/or riding at Moggill Pony Club.