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  • Little Free Libraries.  Looks like a great project ot spread books and reading habits around the world. 
  • CRE8.  This site offers writing by Northwest Minnesotans.
  • Jackpine Writer's Bloc.  This group unites Minnesota writers in the Park Rapids region.

Feminist Studies

Maps Media
  • Antenna.  A University of Wisconsin cooperative blog on modern culture and the media.
  • TVtropes. A site dealing with media stereotypes that aid in viewing.
  • Feminist Frequency looks at tropes and myths involving women in the media.
  • Dear Old Hollywood.  Complete reviews and workups on older Hollywood movies.  Place is often included.
  • Geobeats offers great travel videos of a wide variety of places.
  • OR Geobeats on YouTube.
  • Classic Arcade Games has that historic look so one understands the development of our world.
  • Columbia University Orchestra.  An archive of concert pieces.
  • Classical Cat.  An archive of classical music.
  • BalconyTV has some fantastic world music all from balconys.

Great Opera/Musicals

General Geography

  • General Geographic Materials
    • Map of World Happiness.  An alternative look at development versus the normal GNP/GDP based maps.
    • Nation Master offers a wide variety of statistics on the nations of world, with charts and maps. [damaged Oct 2012]
    • Annenberg Foundation offers many college level video items for web download.
    • Geo-Sense "is an online, one-two player geography based game. You compete against an online opponent to place a city on a world/continent map as quickly and accurately as you can. It's fast paced and tends to keep kids interested while being educational."
    • geobee offers a daily quiz from the National Geographic based on past questions in the National Geography Bee.
    • Geography at About.Com offers a wealth of geographic-related materials.
    • Canadian Association of Geographers is a Canadian site devoted to educational information about geography.
    • Lizard Point.  Geography games to play and learn.
    • Stratfor.com is a strategic information service offering up-to-date information on strategic world issues.
    • Fodor's offers information on the world.
    • Lonely Planet is the alternative traveler's guide.
    • Ten Risky Places by Mark Monmonier identifies places to be careful about.
    • World Climate offers a searchable database concerning world climatic information.
    • Connected Traveler is a traveler's magazine of the odd spots.
    • Wendy Chan, Photographer has great pictures of world spots.
    • Adventure Online takes teachers and students on learning adventures around the world.
    • Education @ nationalgeographic.com is the main gateway to educational activities at the National Geographic Society site.
    • STS-99 Images is the main index at NOAA to images from the STS-99 Mission. Great!
    • Geography Page is a source for educational geography information at InfoPlease.com's Homework Helper.
    • Discovery Channel Education offers links to sites of interest to geography teachers.
    • Where's Andrew on You Tube.  Site on You Tube looks at travels and the nature of places.
  • Academic Geography
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