Moe's Odds & Ends

The Last Days - Isaiah 2:1-3

Newlife Church, Toronto, Canada (2018)

Elijah's Depression - 1 Kings 19:9-18

Newlife Church, Toronto, Canada (2017)

Sola Fide - Giant Killers

First Church of Christ, Bradford, Haverhill, MA

Ocean City Bible Conference

These two recordings were test samples to prove the worth of my new Zoom Q2n camera.

A second sampling at OCBC.

I have never experienced great congregational singing as I have at the OC Bible Conference.

First Baptist Church, Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY.

A powerful, moving and memorable message on Mark 9:1-27. Be Blessed and enjoy! - Joe Benty

Sunday, November 2, 2008.

For over a decade I've enjoyed the honor and privilege of serving the saints in Lindenhurst for their Harvest Day service. Great friends!