About Mr. Mody

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know:

This is my first year as principal at South Glens Galls High School after four years as assistant principal at Burnt Hills, 15 months as assistant principal at Queensbury, then six years each at Burnt Hills and Ballston Spa as an English and Social Studies teacher.

During my time as a teacher, I taught following teaching assignments: Global 9, Global 9X, English 9, English 10, English 10X, The Human Struggle, Writers' Workshop, Forms of Literature, Core American Literature, AIS English, AIS Social Studies (Global & U.S.), American Literature, Readers' Workshop, The American Experience, Shakespeare, and University in the High School Mythology.

As a coach, I spent six years coaching varsity track at Ballston Spa (shot put, discus, long jump) and 9 years coaching high school rugby for the Saratoga Mustangs rugby Club.

In terms of my education, I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Union College in 1998 and a Master of Arts in Teaching (English) from Union Graduate College in 2000, while completing a teaching internship at Mohonansen High School in Rotterdam, NY. I completed both an undergraduate honor's thesis (on addiction) and a Master's thesis (on learning theory), and also spent time abroad studying martial arts and language in the People's Republic of China (and playing rugby). in 2012, I completed a CAS in educational leadership theory at SUNY Plattsburgh.

As a professional writer, I was a regular contributor for the CR4 Engineering Community, where I wrote for the technology in education blog, The Whiteboard Jungle. I also occasionally wrote for the Automotive Blog and a few others. While I enjoy blogging, my favorite genre is poetry. Hopefully, I will publish an anthology of poetry some day. I have a partially completed book and a partially completed screen play that are great at collecting dust. 
In my spare time, I enjoy water sports, playing pick up rugby with my old team mates, and especially spending time with my family.  I live in Charlton with my wife and our three sons.