AIS English & Social Studies

Please remember to bring your materials to class as it will count as part of your daily grade! 
Welcome to AIS with Mr. Mody. My room runs three AIS courses simultaneously. Students will be in AIS for either one, two or three days in a rotation (depending on what you are in AIS for - if it is English, Global, & American, you will be in for every day of the rotation).  Those who are not in the room on a given day (i.e. you are not assigned for English) will be assigned a learning lab.

I run AIS in a very ordered way and I have high expectations for your behavior and your performance.  The class will be essentially divided into two 35-40 minutes periods. There will be a small break in between the periods.
  • The first period will be guided homework time.  You need to be working on homework or a project or reading for English, Global, or U.S. History.  
  • If you are unprepared, you will be penalized on your grade and assigned AAP.
  • If you don't have work, bring a book to read to work on your reading comprehension - not HW for science, math, or foreign language - this is NOT Learning Lab/Study Hall.
  • The second period will be a direct lesson by me.  This may include practice multipce choice questions, writing practice, a lecture by me, and on some occasions, educational media.
    • No matter what we are working on, you will be expected to take notes which I will randomly check for a grade.
Each day you will receive a grade based on whether:
  1. You have your materials - both work from your class to complete or review and materials to participate in my lesson.
    1. This includes a pen & a notebook specifically for AIS, in addition to your text book (or reading book for English) and any packets or HW you have to work on. 
  2. You use your time wisely and efficiently, not distracting others during the guided homework section of class (30-35 minutes).
  3. You are attentive during my lesson and take notes.
  4. You maintain your AIS folder.
  5. You are on time for class and show effort.

For 4/20/12:
U.S. History Students, please use the links for questions during class:

Writing is an important skill, so I will concentrate on common errors I see over the semester:
Grammar Resources for AIS
Comma Use:
Subject-Verb Agreement

Important Resources for Review: