Unit Overview

Call to Adventure: In this unit, we call you to adventure!!! You will be an explorer and an adventurer just like Odysseus. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus faces challenges and trials that prevent him from getting back to his wife and home in Ithaca.

As you go through this unit, you will be asked to document artifacts of cultural relevance including learning more about the Ancient Greeks' religion. Just like all great explorers, your ultimate task will be do to develop a deep understanding of the myths in order to explain their cultural relevance and their connection to modern times.

Ancient Greece

Essential Questions

How is a myth established? How do we recognize these Ancient myths in modern times?

Travel JournalWhat can you expect for The Odyssey based on your "travels"

Odyssey Google Lit Trip

Preview the land you will explore using the Google Lit Trip link.  What do you notice? Document what you learn 

in a travel journal using Google Spreadsheet. Be sure to record your findings on at least three specific

locations. (You will need to  download Google Earth to accomplish this task)

Travel Journal Entries

Learning Objectives

By the end of the unit, you will be able to:

1) learn about the Greek god/desses including their traits, personalities, family ties, and a myth they are are involve in.

2) understand the cultural impact the god/desses had on Greek culture

3) determine what the gods and their myths underscore about Greek culture and what the Greeks found to be of value.

4) connect the Ancient Greek to modern day people and stories.

5) explain how we see “modern” myths today and how they relate to the myths of the past. 

6) develop thoughtful research questions that help you search for “modern” myths.

7) properly cite sources using MLA format.

8) build a website for your god/dess under investigation for other students to use as a resource.