Classroom Ideas

Ideas for using Glogster and Tux Paint in the K-5 Classroom

  • Share research information
  • Respond to a text
  • Model how to solve a math problem through text, audio and/or video (audio/video - Glogster only)
  • Teach a science or social studies lesson to another student
  • Present student writing
  • Share information about a favorite hobby
  • Summarize information learned in a unit or lesson
  • Provide illustrations or diagrams to share an idea or show understanding on a topic
  • Record live reading of a text (Glogster only)
  • Incorporate music into a presentation (Glogster only)
  • Share classroom information with parents and other community members
  • Keep record of texts that are read
  • Write book reviews
  • Share an understanding of new vocabulary
  • Create a historical timeline
How might you use Glogster or Tux Paint in your classroom?  Please share your thoughts on the Glogster Reflection and Tux Paint Reflection pages!