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Required: Dragonborn

Required: Wet and Cold 2.0+


An addon for Wet and Cold, which extends cold effects support to Solstheim and adds various ash related effects. To force an ash storm use console command 'fw XX032336' where XX is the load order number of Dragonborn.esm (most likely 07 if you have all DLCs).

Wet and Cold
Wet and Cold now recognizes the cold regions of Solstheim. The northern half of Solstheim is considered cold 24/7. The southern half becomes cold at night.

Ash Weather
Three types of ash fall weathers have been added to Solstheim. They are more likely to occur in Raven Rock while ash storms are more likely to occur outside of Raven Rock due to the walls that were built to minimize the effects of ash storms.

Ash Gear [SKSE]
All NPCs will equip face covers and will sometimes equip goggles during ash storms if their slots are free.

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Dust accumulation effects play over the entire body during ash storms. The effect is removed over the course of 60 seconds of being indoors/storm ending or if you get wet through rain or swimming. Getting wet from rain to remove the effect relies on either Wet and Cold's drip effect or rain blindness enabled.

Watery Eyes
Disabled by default. Your eyes will water during ash storms unless you keep your face down. Equipping goggles from this mod will make you immune to this effect as well as the blindness effects from the core mod.

Other Notes
Options for this addon will automatically appear in Wet and Cold's MCM upon installation. The face covers use slot 44 and the goggles use slot 56.

  • Any mods that modify Solstheim's weathers should be placed after this plugin.
  • If using Get Snowy, Wet and Cold's dusty shader may get overridden by the snow shader during ash storms.


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When updating (manual or mod managers), simply uninstall the previous version and install the updated version.

When uninstalling, make a save in an interior location with no effects playing and then remove all installed files. Make sure WetandCold - Ashes.esp and .bsa are no longer present in your Data folder.