Nintendo Wii

White or Silver Wode Housing - $5 - replace the housing on your Wode!

WII BCA Update News (Play games like New Super Mario):
The following chips support NSMB Wii either with an update, or as installed.
d2sun 3.05 - via usb programmer
Drivekey v2 & Wasabi DX - works right away as installed.
WiiKey 1 - via disc update
WiiKey 2 - via disc update from

Wii Replacement Motherboard for d3-2 Drives - $5

-Using game discs with updates from other regions (PAL/JAP) can brick your Wii, do not apply them. All local/domestic updates from Nintendo and local game discs are safe.
-WiiConnect24/Standby causes overheating which can cause pixelation and display errors on the Wii, ModMonkey reccomends disabling it
-Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DVD-R Media and a Pioneer branded burner are suggested in conjunction with IMGBurn - other brands may not function with your Wii.
-ALL Modchips/Installs can be completely and safely removed if you need to make a warranty claim