Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

The modding industry relies on trustworthy modders, so feel free to contact me through any of the below listed sites to confirm my identity, and to ensure you will be one of the next happy customers. I value customer satisfaction, and thus will work to maintain the great track record seen below.  Note that you can also Google ModMonkey.  You will also notice all feedback except the Guestbook is run externally, which means I cannot modify my feedback - check other "modders" who make up their feedback, and edit out the bad ones.

If you have any problems, issues, or concerns, please do contact me so we can work to resolve the issue.

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Heatware - Avenger
Redflagdeals - Avenger
HowardForums - Sean09
PriceNetwork - Avenger
WiiNewz - Avenger
Xbox-Scene - Ave

Please also be advised that ModMonkey is not an official distributor/reseller for some products carried, but they are purchased from authorized resellers. This is a benefit as we have no incentive to sell, stock, or carry inferior goods, or support a particular brand over another - we offer the best solutions based strictly on performance - if it is no longer the best solution, it will be replaced by the current best solution.