Topics of Interest

This page provides a brief overview of the topics of interest for the workshop. More information and submission instructions can be found via the menu. You can also view or download and spread the full PDF version of the CfP.

This year's MODIQUITOUS workshop is intended to provide a basis for discussing research questions and solutions for model-based interaction in ubiquitous environments at runtime. It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners focused on different challenges of IUS, including:

  • Model-driven architecture (MDA) in the context of IUS
  • Advantages and potential problems of using MDA in the IUS domain
  • Meta-models for IUS and IUS-related aspects (e.g., interaction, different modalities, dynamic distribution, context-awareness, etc.) with focus on runtime 
  • Domain-specific models for IUS 
  • Distributed user interfaces and UI migration at runtime 
  • Model-driven generation of (intelligent) IUS 
  • Model-driven development and execution architectures, i.e., runtime systems for IUS
  • Tools and frameworks for supporting the model-driven development of IUS
  • Software and Usability Engineering aspects in the context of model-based IUS
  • Concepts for context-awareness and self-adaptation of IUS
  • Human Computer Interaction aspects of IUS
  • Innovative ideas and novel application solutions for new interactive ubiquitous settings, e.g., from the fields of mobile computing, pervasive computing and social software
  • Studies on interaction concepts on IUS
  • Requirements, insights and experiences from existing mobile and pervasive settings