Rationale & Aim

Important Update: This year's MODIQUITOUS workshop has been merged with the workshop on Large-scale Interaction Deployment under the new title:

Large-scale and model-based Interactive Systems: Approaches and Challenges

More information regarding the new workshop can be found here:

Proceedings for the LMIS 2015 (Large-Scale and Model-based Interactive System: Approaches and Challenges) workshop can be found at CEUR-WS.org (Volume 1380).

3rd International Workshop on Model-based Interactive Ubiquitous Systems

After MODIQUITOUS 2011 and MODIQUITOUS 2012, we are pleased to announce that the 3rd International Workshop on Model-based Interactive Ubiquitous Systems will be held at EICS 2015. 
Ubiquitous systems introduce a new quality of interaction both into our lives and into software engineering. Software becomes increasingly dynamic, requiring frequent changes to system structures, distribution and behaviour. The constant adaptation to new user needs and contexts as well as new modalities, components, and communication channels make these systems differ strongly from what has been standard over the last decades. 

Model-based interaction at runtime forms a promising approach for coping with dynamics and uncertainties inherent to interactive ubiquitous systems (IUS). This workshop discusses how model-driven development can be used to handle these challenges. In this third edition of MODIQUITOUS we put special focus on using models at runtime to support flexible, context-aware and interactive ubiquitous computing. Our goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners focused on different areas of IUS and to discuss various aspects of model-based interaction.

The workshop will be held as a full day workshop and aims to provide a forum for discussing new ideas, issues and solutions for model-based IUS. It will include the presentation of participants' contributions and various forms of interactive discussions concerning the presented topics.