Rationale & Aim

Building on the results of MODIQUITOUS 2011 at EICS 2011, MODIQUITOUS 2012 aims at strengthening the community and allow for deeper discussions as well as inclusion of new developments in ubiquitous systems research.
Ubiquitous systems today are introducing a new quality of interaction both into our lives and into software engineering. Systems become increasingly dynamic making frequent changes to system structures, distribution, and behavior necessary. Also, adaptation to new user needs and contexts as well as new modalities and communication channels make these systems differ strongly from what has been standard in the last decades.

Models and model-based interaction at runtime and design-time form a promising approach for coping with the dynamics and uncertainties inherent to interactive ubi-quitous systems (IUS). Hence, this workshop discusses how model-based approaches can be used to cope with challenges of IUS. Therefore, it covers the range from design-time to runtime models and from interaction to software engineering, addressing the challenges of interaction with and engineering of interactive ubiquitous systems