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Somewhere out there exists the worlds most heavily modified Bingo Pinball.  I certainly don't know if this is it or not but I submit this for consideration.

Right off the bat - the cabinet has been repainted.  "Chrome" siderails have been added.

All the wires to the playfield have a splice in them.

Inside the cabinet you can see there is no power switch.  Also for added enjoyment they've removed the auto-coin divider unit completely.

An overview of the back door...Zoom in on the anti-cheat relay and the replay reset and tilt relays and check out the added wires.

The scoring escapement and the timer right behind it.  There is some kind of decaying rope around the SU coil on the escapement.  The wires to the timer reset have been replaced with speaker wire which has been cut.

Interestingly enough the search disks have a lockout added to them so they don't spin the whole time the CU does.  Nice mod really except that the wires controlling them are just dangling. 

Another view of the seach disk lock magnest.  Under it you can see the fuses.  Notice how many wires have been added to the 50volt fuse.

The icing on the cake....All the replay counters have been replaced with these ones.
A number of the search relays have paper in them, presumably for residual magnetism problems.

Another view of added replay counter

May as well throw in an aluminum fan blade and Oh yea, why not remove some of the blades.

Add to this the gear in the timer had been modified so there were fewer steps.