Photos and Video

Americanism-Series Introduction

Americanism series intro by the State Chair (2017)

Americanism-what is it

Americanism Series Part 1-What is Americanism (2017)

Americanism-Liberty Freedom with Benefits

Americanism Series Part 2 Liberty (2017)

Americanism-Colonial Succession

Americanism Series Part 3 Colonial Succession (2017)

State Chair Intro

A bit dated but still a good intro from our former State Chair (2013)

Citizen Engagement Project

Citizen Engagement Project for the NH MWP

Differences between Whigs and Libertarians

Differences between the Modern Whig Party and the Libertarian Party and Why the NH MWP Supports the Johnson/Weld Ticket (2016)

Roles of the Federal Government

Proper Roles of the Federal Government and the Modern Whig Party (2014)

Libertarian Rally and meeting Gov. Bill Weld

Leadership team attends Johnson/Weld Rally (2016)

Trump-Clinton is not a choice

Why Trump/Clinton is not a real choice (2016)

Super Delegates

Explanation of why the Democratic Party is rigged by Super Delegates (2015)

The American Party System

The Flawed Two-Party System (2014)

U.S. Flag Transitions set to Music

1 second equals 1 year (as of March 2015)

Losing our WW2 Vets

Just some insight about losing our Vets (2016)

Paying for political party primaries

Why should non-party members pay for a party primary (2014)