1. Hurwitz spaces, Hurwitz numbers, and the double ramification cycle (Renzo Cavalieri)
  2. Virtual techniques (Cristina Manolache)
  3. Quantum curves, topological recursion, and Hitchin systems (Motohico Mulase)
  4. Gromov-Witten theory in dimensions at most 3 (and dimensions greater than 3) (Rahul Pandharipande)
  5. Cohomological field theories and tautological relations (Dimitri Zvonkine)

Additional lectures:
  1. Alexandr Buryak
  2. Felix Janda
  3. Dustin Ross
  4. Brad Safnuk
  5. Laura Schaposnik
  6. Orsola Tommasi

Contributed Talks:
  1. Alexey Basalaev
  2. Daniel Hernandez Serrano
  3. Georg Oberdieck
  4. Nathan Priddis