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Mr Fun(TM):

Is God a woman?

Wondering in WonderLake


This depends on whether or not Creation is a closely held or publicly traded entity. If Creation is closely held, say as a limited partnership, I would have to say I rather doubt it. The demographics I have indicate that all closely held operations of roughly the same scale are all operated by persons of the male gender. That's not to say that it's impossible. She could conceivably inherit a controlling interest in a closely held Creation and become God.

A woman's opportunity to become God would be greatly enhanced if Creation was publicly traded. Given its scale, I'd say it would have to be, but I can't find my Standard and Poors right now. She would need to meet certain criteria in order to be qualified for this position. First and foremost, she must be presentable; someone whom the organization can trust to make a positive impression upon clients. Secondly, in order to be considered promotable, she must have an M.B.A. from a university with a division I football team. That would put her foot in the door. The rest is dependant upon her work ethic. She must be dependable. She must be organized. She must be a team player; someone who never says 'It's not my job'.If she's good with Creation's resources, proves herself a go-getter, avoids bad habits such as back-talking the decisions of upper management and having children, then her rise within the organization is assured. But not being God is no disgrace. If a woman is willing to work long hours, keeps her eyes on the prize, and commits to life-long learning, shehas a better than even shot at becoming the Archangel Gabriel.

Mr Fun(SM):

Is God a woman?

Wondering in WonderLake


Yes! And her name is Miss Phillips. I would use her first name, but I can't remember it. Besides, remembering people's names is her job. Miss Phillips never says 'It's not my job'.I would have given her a raise last review, but budgets say what they say. And I'm very sorry about what I did to her in that closet during last year's X-Mas party, but she did say it was OK and I did pay for the dress. And I'm certain she would have been promoted by now if she hadn't got her M.B.A. from DuKane University. I mean, who the hell ever heard of it? Miss Phillips is all-knowing. She knows when my wife's birthday is. And my anniversary. And she always buys the best presents for me to give. And she's presentable. Damn presentable! Especially when she's bending over to make the coffee. Coffee would be good right now.

Even if I did know how to operate the coffee maker, I don't know where the coffee packets are. Alright Mr Fun(the person), I am prepared to double HIL-GLE 's previous offer: You may now hold TWO of our Vice Presidents--any two, name them--in exchange for Miss Phillips.

Have you no humanity?

I'd give this feature's address, but I don't know it. I'd give the E-Mail thing, too, but I don't know it.And I don't know how to answer the E-Mail, anyway.