Slavery Today

Mastery objective: You will be able to access, search, and find information on modern slavery and human trafficking in various countries from credible databases and websites to create a power point presentation.
Trafficking in Persons Report - U.S. Department of State
  • Every year, the US Department of State releases a detailed report of cases of human trafficking and slavery across the globe (all countries included)
  • Click on the most recent report on the left (2014)
  • Use the HTML reports to COUNTRY NARRATIVES (start here)
  • Additional resources can be found in the HTML reports on Victims' Stories, Tier system, and Policies/actions that can be taken to stop this
Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery -From a professor at the University of Massachusetts, this site profiles countries around the globe and describes the current conditions regarding human trafficking and modern slavery.

Online Databases

EBSCOHost Database      

  • Enter username & password: lenapehs1
  • Search for MODERN SLAVERY or HUMAN TRAFFICKING             

Global Issues in Context

  • Enter password: lenapehs1
  • In search box at top, enter HUMAN TRAFFICKING
  • Find: articles, podcasts, videos, news feeds, images, primary sources and other information

SIRS Researcher

  • Enter username and password: senecahs
  • Search for HUMAN TRAFFICKING as a subject heading
  • Find statistics, overview articles, interactive maps, and various magazine and journal articles on this topic.
 E-Books through the Virtual Reference Library
  • Enter password: lenapehs1
  • Either enter HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the SEARCH BOX 
  • Under HISTORY and SOCIAL SCIENCE, you will find useful e-books        
  • In the E-Book, you can browse the eTable of Contents
  • In the E-Book, you can Search (left) for a specific topic -- Be sure to check off "within this publication"
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