Technology background

(Yes, I'm a geek. In a good way.)

I've been online under personal accounts since 1994, using email lists, Usenet, various journaling sites (especially, my own personal website, instant messenger, and a number of image editing and multimedia software packages.   

I'm interested in the ways people use technology to find information and to share it with others. Work in my MLIS courses included projects on online policy development, and on how minority cultural and religious communities use library and online tools to share information and find resources.

Online experiences and projects: 

  • I'm comfortable with a wide range of online technologies, including email, email lists, web fora, website design, MUSHes, online networking sites, blogs, Usenet, instant messaging, wikis, and others. There are some I prefer and use more than others, but I'm always interested in what they bring and how they work.
  • I'm participating in the 23 Things On A Stick project, put together for Minnesota libraries staff as a way to further expand my knowledge. You can read comments on this material on my blog.
  • I've been a moderator on various personal interest related email lists and web forums. I'm utterly intrigued by moderation challenges in maintaining a civil online space. 
  • I volunteered from January 2003 to September 2004 as a member of's Terms of Service team handling online infringement issues, conflicts, and other terms of service violations for a site with (then) 6+ million accounts.
  • With two colleagues, I developed online safety instruction materials which were then presented to parents and students at our high school and middle school. I presented some related material at the TIES 2007 conference in Minneapolis.(Check out my presentations page for more information.)

Software and code I'm comfortable with:

  • Microsoft Office (97 through 2007) including Access.
  • Windows (97, NT, XP)
  • Macintosh (OS 6 through 10.4, looking forward to getting 10.5)
  • Various graphic editing programs (Graphic Converter, and some Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks experience.)
  • Web editing software (Dreamweaver, other WYSIWYG editors.)
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS, web accessibility standards, and various web 2.0 technologies (blogs, wikis, tagging, and other interactive approaches.) 
  • Able to set up and maintain WordPress, web calendar, and other interactive software for personal and community group use.

Why Google? 
While I do host my own personal website (including a WordPress installation and some other collaborative tools),  I decided to use Google's tools for my professional work.  

They're easy for me to edit from anywhere. It also gives me a chance to better learn how they work, so that I can suggest them professionally when they're an appropriate resource. 

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