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You'll see me use British spellings sometimes. 

I come by it naturally: my father was English, and my mother grew up in the UK. I grew up reading a lot of British children's books, and I've kept some spellings (especially the s instead of z) one in informal writing.  

I read a lot. 

Probably not a surprise, as it's true for a number of librarians. My reading has been described as "Anything that sits still long enough." which is fairly accurate, but genres I read the most include:

  • Urban and mythic fantasy: Pamela Dean's Tam Lin is a top contender for my favorite book of all time. Neil Gaiman, Emma Bull, the Fairy Tale series edited by Terri Windling in general, and other similar works are right up there. I think that fantasy and speculative fiction let me see new ways to look at situations.
  • Character driven mysteries with well-detailed settings: Laurie R. King's books, especially the Mary Russell ones, Dorothy L. Sayers, Elizabeth Peters, and Jacqueline Winspear. 
  • Popular non-fiction, especially microhistories focusing on a particular topic. Color: A Natural History of the Palette is a long-time favorite, but I'll read about almost any topic. 
  • Dystopia novels: Where the world is falling to pieces, and sometimes when it gets fixed. I'm very fond of Sherri S. Tepper's work (The Margarets and Gibbon's Decline and Fall are two favorites). I also find a number of YA dystopia books fascinating, and adored Meg Rosoff's award winning how I live now
  • Books with interesting historical-based settings also generally please me, though not necessarily formal historical fiction. Guy Gavriel Kay, historical mysteries, etc.
  • I also read a lot of online content - email lists, blogs, websites, and all sorts of other things. I'm interested in a huge range of topics, and I pick up information like a magpie, on the theory it might be useful someday. (It often is, and if it's just information - as opposed to actual physical books - I don't have to find shelving space for it.)

I'm fond of 'old-fashioned' hobbies: 

I play folk harp, spin yarn, and bake bread from scratch and without a bread machine, and just picked up knitting. I find the hands-on aspects of all of these to be both tremendously satisfying, and very rewarding in communities I spend time. (Showing up at an event with home-made bread is pretty much always a win, too.)

I'm also an ardent geek and general user of technology.

I enjoy playing with the stuff. Besides the more general uses, I'm also a sometime online gamer (World of Warcraft, when I can spare an hour or two), but also text-based games in the past. I'm more interested in how a story or world fits together than how to 'win'.

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