Google Moderator Partner Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to help you use Google Moderator on your site.   

Before you start using Google Moderator, you'll need to think about the answers to these questions:
  • Do you want to collect video questions?
  • Do you want to use Google Moderator to collect questions (e.g. or ideas (e.g.
  • Do you want to have one topic or many?
  • Do you want to embed Google Moderator directly into your website or link to a separate webpage hosted by Google?
  • How are you going to drive traffic to your Google Moderator series?
  • How will you answer the questions that rise to the top?  Will you use a town hall meeting, a video, or a live internet stream?

Common use cases:

Check out the screenshot gallery for more examples

Key Benefits
  • Google Moderator enables a unique conversation with a community by allowing people to come together to voice their issues and have them addressed.
  • Google Moderator gives every participant a chance to have their question rise to the top and to easily give input by voting.
  • Google Moderator prioritizes the questions most important to your community by the number of votes received per question.
  • Google Moderator is a free tool available to anyone.

Learn how Moderator works, or get started building your series