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How do I create a series?

To create a new series, click the Create Series button and enter the title and description. You can also invite others who may want to edit the event to own the series.

What is a topic?

A topic is a subject within a series. For example, if you create a series of 'Book clubs' for your organization, topics could be 'Fiction,' 'Non-fiction,' or 'Auto-biographies.'

How do I add a submission?

You can either submit a question or vote on a question that's already been asked; all you need is a Google Account to sign in. At the bottom of the topic page, just click the Suggest a question button.

How do I vote to get an existing question asked?

If you see a question that's been submitted, you can vote to recommend that it's asked. To do so, simply click the checkmark button. You can also click the X button if you'd like to vote against an existing question. When you mouse over the bars, you'll see the number of votes that have already been submitted.

Can I vote or post anonymously?

The creator of the series has the option to allow or disallow anonymous posts.

What can series owners see about me if I vote or comment on their series?

The owner of a question series will be able to see the information entered by you (such as display name and location), but will not be able to see the email address that you used to access your Google account. If you elect to supply a display name and location, that information will be visible to anyone viewing the question series.