Small Layouts

These are some examples of small layouts done in verious levels of detail. Some refer to them as train set table or platform layouts. They can be duplicated as is or modified many different ways. The perfect solution for getting that train set off the floor. These layouts can also be set up for future expansion onto modules with freight yards, industrial spurs, staging tracks, etc. They can also be built with Kato Unitrack. 
This is an N scale 2x4 foot layout complete and ready to run.  Call or email for price.
N scale 2x4 foot similar to above with slightly different track plan. This one includes a spur leading off for future expansion.  Call or email for price.
Slightly larger and can run two independent trains.  Call or email for price.
My model railroad layouts come with a basic ground cover unless ordered without.
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If you have any questions or are ready to order, just use the contact info below. Phone contact Mike 401 762 4341. Email