Owning and operating a model railroad layout is really the best way of getting the most enjoyment out of model trains. You definitely want something that not only looks great but is also functional, practical and obviously reliable. Therefore it makes perfect sense to have your layout built by a professional who has been building model railroad layouts for over thirty years. If you can’t find a track plan that you like I can design one for you. I can also help you decide which type, scale, layout control (DCC or DC) and what size would best fit your designated layout space. Many of my custom built layouts are expandable which allows you to add on later. Just use the page links in the navigation sidebar on the left to view the rest of the site. Join us and become a proud owner and operator of a professionally built model railroad layout. Welcome to the greatest hobby in the world;

                                              Model Railroading       

Even this simple shelf switching layout which takes up very little space can provide challenging real railroading operations plus plenty of opportunity for weathering and intricate fine detailing. It can also be a first module in a complete around the room layout. Many options to choose from.


A lot of railroading can be packed into a three by six foot N scale layout which is not only portable but can fit just about anywhere.
                                                                    S Scale Double Track Vertical Lift Bridge
If you have any questions or are ready to order, just use the contact info below.  Phone contact Mike 401 762 4341. Email  no5gonehome@netzero.net