Modeling and Texturing Tutorial

Teaching the many different ways of creating Customized models and textures for your favorite 3D Game  







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Welcome to the Modeling and Texturing Tutorial Website where helping one another is key to creating a one stop shop for all your modeling needs.

The creation of this site is to give the community a place to learn how to create 3D models for type of games that is out there today that deals with 3D Models. The popular Programs out there are Blender, 3D Studio's Max, Autodesk Maya, and Gmax.

This site is also for teaching users how to use the many different formats out there such as The Gimp, Photoshop CS, Paintshop Pro, and the many other programs out there to use to design textures for the Meshes for placing new items into the game. Also this site is designed to teach you how to use the many DDS exporter plug-ins and how to transfer each program type formats into the proper format be it for releasing them as a resource or to place into the actual game.