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MIT App Inventor - Fishing

This page is about work that a work experience student came to us and started making using the MIT App Inventor 2. This student is hoping to carry on making and updating the application that he started work on.

The Idea

The game is about a fishing village that doesn't have the technology or materials to have big metal fishing boats go out and gather up all the fish. These villagers have very small fishing boats that run on fuel (which they have very little of) and catch only how much they will eat to just survive. They have no worries of money or fame, just to survive.
    So, the idea is not just about fishing but also about the economy and climate change. If the villagers catch more than enough that they need, they will most likely run out of food eventually as the number of fish will decrease each time the villagers go for food. The villagers also need to watch out for climate change as the bleaching of coral reefs are effectively killing the reefs and the inhabitants along with them as the aquatic population loses a place to live and if they can't adapt to their unfamiliar habitats quickly or at all, they die.