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In the version below the sheep and wolves were able to cross the water put in place to stop them going to certain places and over the edge of the area. Because of the settings on what to do to avoid the blue the sheep and wolves would go back 3 and turn 180 degrees, but if they were in a corner they would end up jumping back into blue areas and so would become trapped in a corner until they either went straight through the blue and came out the other side, they ran out of energy and died. This problem was solved by making the sheep and wolves move only .1 every tick instead of 1, and when they hit the blue to only go back .4 and to turn 150 + random 40 so that they didn’t always turn in the same direction and had a chance of escaping corners.


I merged two models, a model of an epidemic spreading through a social network and a model of a predator, prey relationship. The predators were wolves and the prey were sheep the sheep could be infected by a disease that makes them easier to catch. To make this possible I had to take some of the micro behaviors (susceptible, log infection) out of the person prototype from the epidemic model and put them into the sheep prototype from the predator prey model. The prototypes from the epidemic model I had to add from the epidemic model were the observer, parameters, to do when infected and support. The micro behavior plane geometry caused some problems because it made the sheep and wolves go invisible if they accidently went off the edge of the world because it changed the original setting that they just come back on the other side. There was another problem, that none of the sheep are able to recover from the infection and so have it for their entire lives.

To make the infection have an effect, so I had it make the infected sheep easier for the wolves to catch with chances of it being caught controlled by a slider. So that the different effect of different odds can be seen.

Things i found confusing

Finding where the micro-behaviors were originally

The energy attribute and how to make it go down and how to edit other attributes

Setting the life expectancy, not in the same place as setting death rates or finding how to set life expectancy at all





New version

The graph was only in black on the Spanish flu pandemic when it says that all the line should be different colors




Sheep and wolves go invisible if they accidentally cross off the edge of the world and come back on again