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I had no experience with this tool prior to this week but after spending a few hours with the various detailed tutorials I was confident with the tools. With help when needed from Howard and Ken I not only made a "fun" simulation but helped improve the program when I had errors, to make it clearer what i needed to do.
The project of my own that I have been working on for 3 days is a simulation about explosives and fire, but could easily be used to represent a number of things, for example washing off graffiti, cleaning a car or maybe tidying up a room, you'd just have to change the shapes and background. My simulation was designed for children as it is meant to be an enjoyable experience and to also help with fire safety.

link to the work so far (W.I.P): https://761-dot-m4a-gae-hrd.appspot.com/m/?frozen=ijYc00vvtEZcJCGmUE4g69&MforAllModel=1