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John's Project

Using the Behavior Composer

The tutorial video on the site gave a clear explanation of the basics of the Behavior Composer, and it helped me to understand how to create basic agents and behaviors. Then I looked through some more advanced sample models, taking care to see what was happening and reading through the info tab. After this, I went through the tutorial on creating the 'predator and prey' model, involving sheep that were given the behaviors of eating grass, reproducing, and dying. There were also wolves that preyed on the sheep and gained energy from eating them, without which they would die. Doing this gave me a clear picture of what agent based models in NetLogo can be used for. Then I followed the extension tutorials, adding age and territory to the model. I also used BehaviourSpace to plot a graph on this model, as well as on the 'epidemic' model. The following graph shows the number of people who recovered from the infection depending on the type of social network used, as well as the method of vaccination. The X axis shows time, and the Y axis shows recoveries.
I then decided to follow some of the tutorials on the NetLogo website, as well as reading through the programming guide so I could experiment with programming the model directly in NetLogo. I followed the Procedures tutorial and created a model similar to the predator prey model, involving triangles moving around, eating grass, and dying. I added agents and programmed the behaviours in the code tab of NetLogo. I have attached the model to the report.

I also created a simple model, in which a large circle is being followed by multiple, smaller circles, each with rapidly changing sizes and colors. I created this as an adaptation of the shoal of fish, and was made while experimenting with some features of the BehaviourComposer. The model can be found here: https://m4a-gae.appspot.com/m/?frozen=F40xVuygLgwMFAGMblNf5c
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