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First thing i did today was download NetLogo and click on one of their models called 'fireworks' which i played about with it. On the firework model i looked at the code and changed some of the stuff e.g Shape. I change the shape from a circle exploding to people exploding into a firework. Also i played about with the button changing the gravity, Fragments, How many fire works come onto the screen and the faded amount, which was quite fun.  This is a link of the firework model: http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/models/Fireworks

predator - prey model

Second thing i did today was i Played about with the model on how predators catch the prey with fox's and sheep. At first i found it confusing but then i started to get a hang with it as i went along.  This is a link to the model off predators and their prey: http://m.modelling4all.org/m/?frozen=rZ48YK2JF_CO18TwYK0x5b&MforAllModel=1
when i was using this model i had to figure out how to keep the animals from getting extincted. So to do this i had to figure out what i was doing wrong and change it so i did it right.

Practice Model

Thirdly i made a practice model from scratch. What i did was i got my first prototype and called it 'fish' then after that i got the shape and made a size. After i did the appearance on the fish's. i decided to give the fish's movement and then set it up and played it to see how it when. After this i founded out i needed to make them run smoother so i clicked on the 'jump up or down' and then clicked on 'Customise' and then 'Enhanced' and 'do repeatedly' and the fish ran a lot smoother. This is a link to my practice model: http://m.modelling4all.org/m/?frozen=LhmPcKde656IkQlHZWq17g&MforAllModel=1

My model - Shark Attack.

Lastly i created my final model. In this model i created little fishes swimming around and then a big shark comes along and tries to attack the fish but instead of eating the fish it just turns the fish from colorful fish into pink ones. While making this model i had a bit of trouble with the behaviour composer because at first it wasn't working properly so what we decided to do was to download it into NetLogo and open it up that and i found it worked better. If you want to see them just download the two links at the bottom and click on 'amysmodel.nlogo' and it should be there for you to see.
I think this software would be useful in information communications technology (ICT)  because its a different but interesting way of creating an animation or games, which would be useful for later in life if  you have an interest in creating animations on the computer.

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