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Size proportional to number of acquaintances

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Set size proportional to the number of links.

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Size proportional to number of links

Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for scaling-factor-number-of-acquaintances 0.1  
substitute-text-area-for extra-acquaintance-count-for-scaling 5  
set size scaling-factor-number-of-acquaintances 
         * (extra-acquaintance-count-for-scaling + count link-neighbors)
End NetLogo code


You can edit the text areas to change the way the size is computed. You may wish use the 'Enhance' menu item to delay this computation by a tiny amount to ensure that if used at set up that the links have already been added.

How this works

This counts the number of acquaintances and adds a constant (so those with no or few acquaintances aren't too small to see) and scales it to determine the size of the individual.


Size proportional to number of acquaintances was implemented by Ken Kahn on 3 February 2011.

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