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Making a movie of your model

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There are two approaches to making movies of your model.
  1. Run the model with video recording software enabled. This will capture the mouse movements and is well-suited for capturing an interactive session.
  2. Run the model with micro-behaviours that record the view or interface  on every tick. You have complete control over the speed of playback -- in particular you can speed up an execution as much as desired. The ratio of simulation time to video time is always a constant (no pauses due to uneven computational demands). Depending upon whether you want to capture just the animation of your world or the entire interface you can use Record view or Record interface respectively. This will generate a folder of snapshots. Many programs can convert this to a movie. In Windows Microsoft's Movie Maker is available and easy to use for this. After importing the files you can set the duration of each frame.
Another way to record a movie is to add this command to NetLogo and use it to create a QuickTime movie file:

to create-movie [file-name frame-count frame-rate view-only]
  movie-cancel ; in case a movie is already in progress
  movie-start file-name
  movie-set-frame-rate frame-rate
  if-else view-only
    [repeat frame-count [movie-grab-view go]]
    [repeat frame-count [movie-grab-interface go]]
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