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Multiple plot generations

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Add a new graph to the previous graphs each time the model is set up.

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Multiple plot generations

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substitute-text-area-for maximum-number-of-plot-generations 10000                                                                                                                
set maximum-plot-generations maximum-number-of-plot-generations

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You can the number of generations. When it is exceeded the graph is cleared and new generations can be added. If it is given a non-zero value then Use pen to add plot can be used to plot with different colours at each generation. For example red - plot-generation will use red for the first layer and then successively darker colours. After several generations it will use other colours.

How this works

The Behaviour Composer variable maximum-number-of-plot-generations is used to specify how many times the 'SETUP' button can be pressed before the graph is cleared.

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Multiple plot generations was implemented by Ken Kahn on 2 April 2010.

BehaviourComposer: ignore everything after this.