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Create empty auto plot

BehaviourComposer: ignore everything before this.

Begin micro-behaviour:

Begin description:

Set up an area for other micro-behaviours to draw graphs.
The location and size are specified and the minimum and maximum values are calculated and automated.

End description

Create empty auto plot

Begin NetLogo code:

substitute-text-area-for upper-left-corner-x 5    
substitute-text-area-for upper-left-corner-y 550 
substitute-text-area-for lower-right-corner-x 420  
substitute-text-area-for lower-right-corner-y 809 
substitute-text-area-for plot-label Random Plot     
substitute-text-area-for x-axis-label time        
substitute-text-area-for y-axis-label random             
substitute-text-area-for legends "random value" "black"                                   
  "upper-left-corner-x" "upper-left-corner-y" ; upper left corner 
  "lower-right-corner-x" "lower-right-corner-y" ; lower right corner
  "plot-label" ; unique name (and label) for this plot
  "x-axis-label" ; X axis label
  "y-axis-label" ; Y axis label
  ; legends is either alternating pen names and color names, false meaning no legend, or 
  ; true meaning legend generated via Add to plot

End NetLogo code


You can change all the attributes in text areas to change the size, location, labels, minimum, or maximum values. You can add a legend by editing the last text area. Supported colors are black, white, gray, red, orange, brown, yellow, green, lime, turquoise, cyan, sky, blue, violet, magenta, and pink. To remove all legends edit the last area to be empty.

How this works

This uses the Behaviour Composer primitive create-plot that defines a plot in the NetLogo file that is added during loading and cannot be removed during a run. It automatically adjusts the graph for the minimum and maximum values encountered so far.

Related micro-behaviours

Add to plot can be used to add plots to this graph. Multiple plots can be drawn on the same graph.


Create empty auto plot was implemented by Ken Kahn.

BehaviourComposer: ignore everything after this.