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Do with probabilities

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Begin micro-behaviour:
Begin description:
Adds behaviours depending upon how a random number compares with the given odds.
End description

Do with probabilities

Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-1 0.2 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-2 0.3 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-3 0.0 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-4 0.0 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-5 0.0 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-6 0.0 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-7 0.0 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-8 0.0 
substitute-text-area-for odds-of-branch-9 0.0 
   [odds-of-branch-1 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 1" []
    odds-of-branch-2 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 2" []
    odds-of-branch-3 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 3" []
    odds-of-branch-4 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 4" []
    odds-of-branch-5 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 5" []
    odds-of-branch-6 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 6" []
    odds-of-branch-7 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 7" []
    odds-of-branch-8 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 8" []
    odds-of-branch-9 list-of-micro-behaviours "Behaviours 9" []
End NetLogo code


You can edit any of the boxes containing odds. You can add micro-behaviours to either list by clicking on the micro-behaviour and navigating back to this page.

How this works

This relies upon the do-with-probabilities Modelling4All extension to NetLogo that produces a uniform random number between 0 and 1 and if it is less than or equal to the first odds adds the first list of micro-behaviours otherwise if it is less than or equal to the sum of the first two odds the second list of micro-behaviours is added and so on.

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Do with probabilities was first implemented by Ken Kahn on 21 February 2010.

BehaviourComposer: ignore everything after this.