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BehaviourComposer: ignore everything before this.
Begin micro-behaviour:
Begin description:
Change size of this agent.
End description


Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for size-of-agent 2.0                       
set size size-of-agent
End NetLogo code


You can change the contents of the text area to any positive number. A number less than 1 will make it appear smaller than the default size.

You can set the size to a random value by replacing the code in the box with NetLogo code. For example, 
random-number-between .5 1.5

You can make the size a function of other attributes. For example, if my-age is increasing 
minimum (0.5 + 0.1 * my-age) 3
defines the size to be initially 0.5 and grow by 0.1 until the maximum value of 3.

How this works

This sets the NetLogo primitive size attribute of agents.

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Size was implemented by Ken Kahn.
BehaviourComposer: ignore everything after this.