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Change the appearance to one of the defined shapes.
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Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for shape-of-agent fish
set shape "shape-of-agent"
End NetLogo code


Feel free to change the contents of the text area to any shape known to NetLogo. This includes

"acorn" "airplane" "airplane 2" "ambulance" "ant" "ant 2" "apple" "arrow" "arrow 2" "arrow 3" "ball baseball" "ball basketball" "ball football" "ball tennis" "balloon" "ballpin" "banana" "bee" "bee 2" "bird" "bird 2" "bird 3" "bird side" "boat" "boat 2" "boat 3" "boat top" "book" "bottle" "bowling pin" "box" "box 2" "bread" "bug" "building institution" "building store" "bulldozer top" "bus" "butterfly" "butterfly 2" "cactus" "campsite" "cannon" "cannon carriage" "car" "car side" "car top" "cat" "caterpillar" "check" "checker piece" "checker piece 2" "chess bishop" "chess king" "chess knight" "chess pawn" "chess queen" "chess rook" "circle" "circle 2" "clock" "cloud" "coin heads" "coin tails" "computer server" "computer workstation" "container" "cow" "cow skull" "crate" "crown" "cylinder" "dart" "default" "die 1" "die 2" "die 3" "die 4" "die 5" "die 6" "dog" "dollar bill" "dot" "drop" "egg" "electric outlet" "emblem" "exclamation" "eyeball" "face happy" "face neutral" "face sad" "factory" "fire" "fire department" "fish" "fish 2" "fish 3" "flag" "flower" "flower budding" "food" "footprint human" "footprint other" "frog top" "garbage can" "ghost" "hawk" "hex" "hexagonal prism" "house" "house bungalow" "house colonial" "house efficiency" "house ranch" "house two story" "i beam" "key" "lander" "lander 2" "leaf" "leaf 2" "letter opened" "letter sealed" "lightning" "lily pad" "line" "line half" "link" "link" "link direction" "logs" "magnet" "molecule hydrogen" "molecule oxygen" "molecule water" "monster" "moon" "mortar pestle" "mouse side" "mouse top" "music notes 1" "music notes 2" "music notes 3" "orbit 1" "orbit 2" "orbit 3" "orbit 4" "orbit 5" "orbit 6" "paintbrush" "pencil" "pentagon" "person" "person business" "person construction" "person doctor" "person farmer" "person graduate" "person immune" "person lumberjack" "person police" "person service" "person soldier" "person student" "person with asymptomatic virus" "person with virus" "petals" "plant" "plant medium" "plant small" "police" "pumpkin" "pushpin" "rabbit" "rocket" "sailboat side" "shark" "sheep" "sheep 2" "spider" "spinner" "square" "square 2" "squirrel" "star" "strawberry" "suit club" "suit diamond" "suit heart" "suit spade" "sun" "tank" "target" "telephone" "tile brick" "tile log" "tile stones" "tile water" "tooth" "train" "train freight boxcar" "train freight engine" "train freight hopper empty" "train freight hopper full" "train passenger car" "train passenger engine" "train switcher engine" "tree" "tree pine" "triangle" "triangle 2" "truck" "truck cab only" "truck cab top" "turtle" "turtle 2" "ufo side" "ufo top" "van side" "van top" "virus" "warning" "wheel" "wolf" "wolf 2" "wolf face" "x"

You can also use a URL to a shape definition instead of the name. For example, can be used to make an agent have the shape of a reindeer.

If you do change the shape, we recommend you also change the behaviour name.

How this works

This sets the NetLogo primitive attribute called shape to the name of a shape.

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Shape was implemented by Ken Kahn. The ability to use URLs to shape definitions was added in December 2011.
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