Geometric Modeling with OpenCascade

On this page, you will find some useful resources for practicing geometric modeling with OpenCascade. OpenCascade is an open source C++ library which gives necessary facilities for representation of CAD models and operating with them. OpenCascade is all about B-Rep (Boundary Representation). It is NOT a visualization engine. You can build your custom software using OpenCascade without paying any fee to the owner of the library. It is LGPL.
Have fun!

  1. ex01: Solid modeling: part by I. Stroud (Done).
  2. ex02: Reverse engineering: fitting cylinder radius (Done).
  3. ex03: ??? (Not started).
  4. ...

Planned tasks:

  1. Use CMake for exercises.
  2. Prepare unit tests for exercises.
  3. Configure nightly builds and tests with Jenkins.
  4. Prepare Doxygen documentation, e.g. "Book of Problems".
  5. ...

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(updated 2016-12-22) Presentation (pptx):

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