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 3mm Bore Carburetor

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Don't have the time or expertise to build your own carburetor?  This little carburetor can be retro fitted to work on most all of our Internal combustion engines.  Carb has 1 mixture adjustments and an idle speed adjust.

  • Stem OD = .275"
  • Stem ID = .127"
  • Stem Length = .187"
Item#: 3MM-CARB
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 Super Fine .001" Fuel Filter

Almost all fuel has some very fine lint in it and your model gas engine needle jets are too small for some of it to pass.  These filters will not pass any particle larger than .001" and will probably solve those "mysterious" fuel adjustment problems you may now have.

1" dia x .005" thick with drawing.



Graphite is great material to use for your Stirling / Atmospheric engine power piston.  This is the same graphite used in all our Graphite & Bearing sets (see article.)  You can now order additional quantities for other projects as well.  

PLEASE NOTE: Quantities over 2" in length may comprise multiple pieces or cut to fit in our shipping boxes.

1" lengths.  Change Qty (length) in Paypal screen.

Delrin Rod (Black Acetal Plastic)

Delrin is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. 

PLEASE NOTE: Quantities over 4" in length may comprise multiple pieces or cut to fit in our shipping boxes.

1" lengths. Change Qty (length) in Paypal screen.

 V4 Distributor Cap

This cap is slightly different than the one used in the original plans.  This cap has 'ears' to fasten it to the distributor body instead of the two clips.  Should be simple enough to adjust the plans to accommodate this cap, as the old style cap is no longer available.  Includes 5 contact eyelets.

Item: V4-DIST
 Radiator Expansion Tank

Yeah, it's just a ball bearing vial, but this is a hard plastic container and an ideal radiator expansion tank for your IC engine project.

Item: TANK

Misc. Item

Sometimes customers request items we don't normally sell separately, i.e. ignition system transistors, drill rod, etc.  Use this "item" when requested by us from an e-mail.  Change "Qty" in the Paypal screen.

Item: MISC
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