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Fashion News

London - Paris - Milan... Portland?
 Newest Fashion Center Emerges

It likely comes as no surprise that Portland, Oregon, has managed to earn and maintain the title of 'Most Sustainable US City' for the umpteenth time. Indeed, the rose laden city is the birthplace of the Garden Burger, Tillamook Cheese, Pendleton Woolen Mills, and a multitude of microbrews from those McMenamins boys. However, the likeliness of the humble coffee loving, Farmer's Market sprinkled town as one of the country's leading fashion capitals does not exactly strike the loudest cord in most. Howbeit, enter Portland Fashion Week (PFW). Yes, come in, but watch your step as you step into the transformed, yet unfinished warehouse, surrounded by industrial train tracks and freeway overpasses adjacent to trucker route, Swan Island. Here, you won't find Birkenstock clad hippies, but elegant high style generated by eco-friendly designers from the area, around the country and abroad. What sets PFW apart from its counterparts in Los Angeles and New York, its that the producers wholly employ sustainable resources, from the showcased natural fiber designs all the way down to the bamboo catwalk - reportedly the first in the country. The stage set by the innovative production crew of PFW affirms that indeed a space is open for Portland on Planet Fashion after all.

Marcia Bell is a freelance style and fashion writer,
and current Director of Model Actor Factor Group, LLC

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