2-7-1 Purpose
2-7-2 Nominating Method to be Used
2-7-3 Nominations by Petition
2-7-4 Adding Name by Petition
2-7-5 Preparation of Petition
2-7-6 Filing, Presumption, Withdrawals, Objections
2-7-7 Persons Elected
2-7-8 Primary and Runoff Abolished

2-7-1 PURPOSE.  The purpose of this chapter is to designate the method by which candidates for elective municipal offices in the City shall be nominated and elected.

2-7-2 NOMINATING METHOD TO BE USED.  All candidates for elective municipal offices shall be nominated under the provisions of Chapter 45 of the Code of Iowa.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 376.3)

2-7-3 NOMINATIONS BY PETITION.  Nominations for elective municipal offices of the City may be made by nomination paper or papers signed by not less than ten eligible electors, residents of the City.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 45.1)

2-7-4 ADDING NAME BY PETITION.  The name of a candidate placed upon the ballot by any other method than by petition shall not be added by petition for the same office.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 45.2)

2-7-5 PREPARATION OF PETITION.  Each eligible elector shall add to the signature the elector's residence address, and date of signing.  The person whose nomination is proposed by the petition may not sign it.  Before filing said petition, there shall be endorsed thereon or attached thereto an affidavit executed by the candidate, which affidavit shall contain:

1. Name and Residence.  The name and residence (including street and number, if any) of said nominee, and the office to which nominated.

2. Name on Ballot.  A request that the name of the nominee be printed upon the official ballot for the election.

3. Eligibility.  A statement that the nominee is eligible to be a candidate for the office and if elected will qualify as such officer.

4. Organization Statement.  A statement, in the form required by Iowa law, concerning the organization of the candidate's committee.  Such petition when so verified shall be known as a nomination paper.
Code of Iowa, Sec. 45.5)
2-7-6 FILING, PRESUMPTION, WITHDRAWALS, OBJECTIONS.  The time and place of filing nomination petitions, the presumption of validity thereof, the right of a candidate so nominated to withdraw and the effect of such withdrawal, and the right to object to the legal sufficiency of such petitions, or to the eligibility of the candidate, shall be governed by the appropriate provisions of Chapter 44 of the Code of Iowa.

2-7-7 PERSONS ELECTED.  The candidates who receive the greatest number of votes for each office on the ballot are elected, to the extent necessary to fill the positions open.

2-7-8 PRIMARY AND RUNOFF ABOLISHED.  The Council has adopted Chapters 44 and 45 of the Code of Iowa for conducting elections and in accordance with Section 376.6(2), Code of Iowa, no primary or runoff election will be conducted for City offices.