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Here are examples letters to pick from. You see just the first sentence or two followed by the link to the full letter. Pick the one you like.  Click on the link for the full letter.

Montgomery County Council Letters

The Montgomery County Council has revived ZTA 19-07 allowing 4G and 5G cell towers
to be deployed 30 feet from your home on enlarged street lights and utility poles every
few houses. The antennas on these poles will beam radio-frequency microwave (RF/MW)
radiation 24/7 into your home with no safety testing and no comments allowed by
residents at a public hearing on the installation of an antenna. ...

Pick from three different Urgent Messages to send to Montgomery County Council. ...

 -- STOP ZTA 19-07 - Contact the Montgomery County Council Today! --

The January 19 press release “Council Committee Returns to Zoning Change for 5G Wireless” which quotes Hans Riemer’s enthusiasm for 5G wireless is extremely misleading.  It would take too long to address all the inaccuracies, but I’m choosing to address the paragraph “5G Brings Broadband Speeds to More People” because of its sweeping assertions.
    attachment letter on fiber to the premises: https://rebrand.ly/mocoSafeG-letter-fiber-to-every-address

The undersigned organization and individuals request that you publicly oppose and vote against
ZTA 19-07, which would establish allow deployment of intensified 4G and new 5G “small cell”
microwave radiation antennas in residential areas of Montgomery County. We support a fiber
optic, wired-based “pole to property” solution as the more secure, cheaper, faster technical
solution without health risks. ...

Gain access to billions of dollars to build high-speed public fiber broadband for our city and other cities in Maryland which would eliminate 5G microwave requirements in residential, school, commercial and recreational areas. ...

Re: Notice to Cease and Desist from Processing and Approving Applications for all 4G and 5G Close-Proximity Microwave Radiation Antenna (CPMRA) Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs), and from any placement, construction, modification and operations thereof, as not compliant with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Requirements ...

Are you getting only the “pros” and not the “cons” of 5G technology?

Marc Elrich, County Executive Letter
We ask that you impose a moratorium on “small cells” and other wireless infrastructure permits process and deployment until the COVID-19 emergency is over. ...