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Jan 13th Testimony

Listen to all eight people testify against 5G deployment in the City of Rockville.  Followed up by City of Rockville Council Members and Mayor expression of skepticism about 5G.
    MocoSafeG activists speak out against 5G to the City of Rockville Mayor and Council.

Broken out by speaker:

No 5G
Video Text
Sandra Crowe
We in Rockville can avoid many of the potential negative
effects of 5G

Roderick Calloway  
xenobiotic nature of pulse modulated microwave radiation
as me decidedly against further deployment of this

Anna Pritchard
worried about the health harms of 5G radio-frequency
microwave radiation

Fiona Morrissey
No wonder Lloyd's of London, the biggest insurance
group in the world, is refusing to insure health claims
made against 5G.

Natalie Rosser
have concluded that RFMW radiation from electric and
wireless devices have harmful effects to both plant and
animal life.

Tessa Lachman
There are potentially very serious health risk with 5G

Nancy Wallace
Climate impacts of 5G.