May 11th Testimony

Video Text
Sandra Crowe
    "saying yes to fiber and no to the small cells."

Nancy Wallace
FCC is not protecting us.

Janice Smith
"the ordnance appears to be deficient"
Anna Pritchard
"Correct insurance covers all liabilities that can be generated by a
device installed in a city or private property such as cell towers"

Theodora Scarato - Executive Director,
Environmental Health Trust
"We are one of the organizations who have filed a legal appeal to the FCC because they were ignoring the scientific evidence."

Marion Edey
"Wireless technologies will continue to consume at least 10 times more power than wire technologies when providing comparable access rates and traffic volumes."

Marilyne DeAngelo
"Why when 5G will consume more energy requiring more demands and resources when we're trying to reduce resources and reduce the emissions." 

Arianne Miazza ---
"should bill the owners of these facilities appropriate annual fees per facility in order to pay professionals to perform these tests."

Molly Hauck
"Effects on firefighters"

Peter Kahn
"Your job is to protect the health and well-being of the residents of Montgomery County...not to cater to the FCC or the wireless companies."

Robert Janku---
"these provisions do not constitute a prohibition of service"

Dr. Susan Kahn
"I encourage you to ask yourself, would you like to have a cell antenna or poles placed directly in front of your home?"


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