ZTA 19-07 Testimony

On Nov 19, 2019, these speakers spoke in opposition to ZTA 19-07, Telecommunications Towers -- Limited Use. We created a new list combining  speakers written testimony and Tech Wise Takoma Park's list of speaker videos.

This ZTA proposes to amendment to the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance to:

  • allow certain telecommunications towers as a limited or conditional use in certain residential zones;
  • revise the standards for telecommunications towers allowed as a limited or conditional use;
  • revise the conditional use findings required for the replacement of pre-existing pole; and
  • generally amend use requirements to address certain telecommunications towers

Taken from the Description/Issue section of ZTA 19-07.

In plain English, ZTA 19-07 allows cell towers 30 feet from homes without any recourse for residents.

Speakers who oppose ZTA 19-07
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Debbie Spielberg - representing the County Executive
"The County Executive urges the Council to wait on moving forward on the ZTA for residential zones while the litigation proceeds and the administrative procedures are improved."

Jeffrey Slavin - Mayor of Somerset
"ZTA 19-07 would make sweeping, unwarranted changes to current County zoning policy."

Peter Kovar - Takoma Park City Council
"reach out to residents and local governments to gain a fuller understanding of the concerns many of us have about small cell tower installation."
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Robert Janku - Montgomery County Clear Vistas
"There are neither legal reasons nor technical reasons to place 5G cell towers in people's front yard."

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Daniel Waclawiw - Individual
"There are over 15,000 studies showing negative health impacts from radiofrequency microwave (RF/MW) radiation"

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Molly Hauk - Individual
"a great deal of experimental research has been done on the adverse effects of wireless radiation."

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Susan Kahn - Individual
Discusses inequity issues. 

Anna Pritchard - Individual
Gives personal experiences with EMF radiation.

Laura Simon - Individual
"I hope you will act to protect the health of children which should be your top priority but if this is not enough the almost certain cost to home value and personal wealth should be enough."

Rick Meyer - President,
Montgomery County Coalition for Control of Cell Towers

"fix the administrative regulations and procedures under which dozens of non-compliant cell poles have already been installed in the County rights of way in residential zones"

Donna Baron - Scale-It-Back.com 
"Your job is to protect the health and well-being of the residents of Montgomery County...not to cater to the FCC or the wireless companies."

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Montgomery County Civic Federation -- MCCF
"these provisions do not constitute a prohibition of service"

Sue Present - Individual
"This ZTA's regulations and processes disrespect residents."

Theodora Scarato - Executive Director,
Environmental Health Trust

"There is in fact no health and safety agency with any authority nor jurisdiction to review nor act in regards to the environmental and human health impacts of 5G antennas and cell towers."

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Janice Smith - Individual
"Four research items especially highlighted for me reasons for a County moratorium on new, close-proximity cell towers and antennas""

Cynthia Baughman - Individual
"This ZTA and its related promotional materials is a complete about-face of Montgomery County's public statements on the topic of wireless deployment set out in its federal court filings since 2017."

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Anna Olsson - Individual
"I want to remind you that you represent US, not the FCC or the Telecommunications industry."

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Susannah Goodman - Individual
"We should pause and take stock of the impact [ of 5G ] that will have on energy consumption and therefor on green house gas emmistions"

Donald Bellenger - President
Westleigh Homeowners Association

"our neighborhood is targeted as ground zero for installation of 5G towers"

Cynthia Erville - Individual
"We are here in the back yard of Rachel Carson. And, we should be able to enjoy our front yards and back yards as well."

Sally Zimmerman -  Individual
"Studies show vulnerable populations -- pregnant women, infants, children, and senior citizens -- can be more affected." Excess Micronuclei a cancer precursor. 

Vicki Huo - Individual
"I believe the Council should make no changes to residential cell tower zoning rules until you fully fix the process for reviewing and approving cell poles."

Collen Cordes - Community Vision for Takoma
"Our Health and Safety Is Not Negotiable."

Fiona Morrissey - Individual
"smart phone are amazing tools and have their place. But they are our servants, not our masters"


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