CIP Sept 4th

September 4th, 2020 WSSC Water CIP meeting.

Al Carr, Maryland House of Delegates, representing Maryland's District 18

"I also hope that commissioners will ask staff to present you with a range of options to improve meter reading. I also believe that commissioners need to seek out objective, unbiased information about smart meters."

Cynthia Erville

"you not budget for the AMI meters in your budget and I do not want to

have to budget for them in my budget either."

Robert Janku

"Now isn't the time to spend 100 million dollars. Local county

budgets are stressed. People have lost jobs. Your focus should

be reducing consumers water bills not increasing them."

Mary Rocker

"If you proceed with AMI smart meters, despite the science and your own

financial best interest, you must provide a no cost opt-out."

Natalie Rosser

"It was also stated that the dollar amount listed in the CIP is

acting as a placeholder amount." "the average age [life expectancy] of smart meters is eight point two years. Also, during the August and AMI presentation, it was cited that

the average age of the current analog meters used is seventeen point

zero three years."

Theodora Scarato - Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust

"I'd like to draw your attention to a complaint filed with the Oregon

Civil Rights Division, whereby they allege to Title eight of the Civil Rights

Act of 1968 that the smart water meter was a violation of discriminatory

because of impacts to health."