The 2010 
MoCo Senior Boys Volleyball Showcase
Monday, May 17, 2010 
6 pm to 9:30 pm (match begins at 7 pm)
Wootton High School

Coordinator: John Hartranft, Wootton High School

 This Team
 That Team
Kevin Liang (Wootton) - OH
Tony Malinauskas (Wootton) - OH
Clayton Zhang (Wootton) - M
Jeremy Lee (Walter Johnson) - S
Steven Hollies (Rockville) - OH
Nick Darrell (Rockville) - M
Jianhui Li (Rockville) - L
Brendon Bui (Richard Montgomery) - OH
Clarence Pascuel (Wheaton) - S
Bohe Zhang (Wheaton) - OH
Timmy Yu (Kennedy) - S
Kevin O'Conner (Quince Orchard) - M
Jordan Klemko (Blake) - M
Geoffrey Wang (Churchill) - S
Kameron Redding (Northwest) - M/O
Dainis Berzins (Sherwood) - OH
Matt Cuozzo (Sherwood) - S
Drew Hock (Sherwood) - OH
Vikas Mendiretta (Blair) - M
Sina Shahamatdar (Blair) - M
Manuel Cornejo (Springbrook) - L
Eric Shwieger (Springbrook) - OH
Gerel Hall (Clarksburg) - M
Kevin Gu (Clarksburg) - OH
Andrew Au (Magruder) - OH
Trung Cao (Magruder) - OH
Parth Patel (Paint Branch) - S
Robert Hardin (Watkins Mill) - M
David Nahmias (Watkins Mill) - S
Ryan Toledo (Einstein) - S

The MoCo Senior Boys Volleyball Showcase is a non-MCPS event.  The 2010 MoCo Senior Boys Volleyball Showcase is organized and staffed by coaches, parents, students and others who have volunteered their time, money and services to make this event possible. Please consider volunteering your time and resources to continue this event next year.
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