Justin Scott

"They were bad girls.  They had guns."

"Golly Gee Willikers" 


August 24, 1983


justin (at) mockturtlesoup.org

Current Location:

Central, SC

Current Activity:

Electrical Engineer at
Sealevel Systems in Liberty.

Hanging out with my wife.

Rocking in general.


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Turtle Stats: 

Turtle From:

Fall 2002-Spring 2006


The Yellow Dart

Positions Held:

Webmaster/Technical Manager, Spring 2003-Spring 2006

Piano Player/Musical Genius 

Turtle Memories:

How I got involved with Mock Turtle Soup:

I saw a poster for an "informational meeting" for a group called "clemprov." When I showed up Katie Jones told me I was on the troupe.  At that time there was a long form group and a short form group, but they merged in about a month.

Favorite game(s):

Half Life, Ding, the Henry, POW, Headlines
(what can I say? I enjoy the classics).

Least liked game(s):

Entrances/Exits, First Line/Last Line,
Poetry Night, Duh Do Ron Ron,  Everyday Olympics

Favorite thing to do to get ready for a show:

Play Rock 'n Roll

 Most memorable improv moment:

Gosh.  Worst moment was improving in front of abortion protestors with pictures of mutilated babies on Bowman Field.  Best was probably my first game of Half Life in our first show with the brilliant Bryan Buckley (a close second would be my first game of Ding with the talented Cheryl Swit, which came soon after).

Workshop/lesson that impacted me the most:

Unquestionably our 3 workshops with the Have Nots.  I don't think any other workshop was even in the same league.

Claim(s) to fame: 

One of the Original Nine.

The Original Freshman (first to be a turtle through all 4 years)

Inventor of "Pulp Fiction", one-man hosting, and dollar-off tickets. 

Turtle Wisdom:

Respect and love each other (better than I did).  Work to overcome fear (more than I did).  Remember that improv is art, not necessarily fine art, but art nonetheless.  In light of that, strive for excellence and quality.  The end goal of improv is to entertain - it is not for us, it is for the audience, and what serves them best.  At the end of the day, remember that this is just an improv student organization.  Perspective is crucial - there's a lot of things that are more important than MTS.  People are one of them.  I guess that's about it.

Last Minute Thoughts:

The fondest memory I have of the group is just being there from when we had no idea what we were doing and consistently bombed games (long form and short form), to when we had matured into a tight group that was selling out shows and could crank out quality comedy at the drop of a hat.  It was just an honor to be a part of something that grew as much as it did and as fast as it did into something that really was good and really did make people happy.   And to do it with such loving and talented people was icing on the cake.  Or maybe that was the cake and the other part was the icing.  Mmmm, cake...